WHO We Are

The Birmingham Construction Industry Authority (BCIA) is one of several voluntary programs that are collectively referred to as "The Birmingham Plan", a plan established in 1990 and designed to overcome the critical under-utilization of Minority and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MBE/DBE) in the City of Birmingham’s economic growth.


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The BCIA Board of Directors establishes voluntary goals

for minority and disadvantaged business participation in construction projects. These goals apply to both the public and private sectors of the construction industry, and are used throughout the Greater Birmingham four-county area.

All companies, public and private, that engage at any time in the purchase of construction services within the metropolitan Birmingham area are encouraged to become signatories to the Birmingham Plan-Construction Industry agreement. Signatory participants agree to participate by adopting the BCIA guidelines and pledging to comply with the participation goals and objectives established. BCIA guidelines are included in the specifications of each signatory participant’s projects; making them obligatory upon the general contractors negotiating/bidding such projects.


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WHAT We Offer

We certify MBEs and DBEs as bona fide firms and provide them with business counseling and technical assistance support services from the BCIA staff and our affiliates.